Crypto Games Agency Launches TWO New Games in September 2022

Here is the recording of the AMA of 15 August 2022, covering how v2 players will be compensated, announcing that Crypto Games Agency will launch two new games in September 2022 and the reasons for it:

Summary of the items covered in the AMA:

  • 1036 People completed the survey about compensation and future plan preferences.
  • 97.3% Of the people are happy about our dedication and commitment to being in service of our community.
  • The Reserve Pool with nearly 80,000 USD will be used to compensate v2 players.
  • We recommend selling all your v2 $BLST, because the token is worthless. It will not influence your compensation. You cannot claim rewards from the v2 Unclaimed Wallet, because the Reward Pool is empty. It makes no sense to play the v2 game anymore.
  • Players who lost money will be compensated in the way most players (55.1%) have voted for from all the options in the survey: “Only players who lost money should be compensated, where the compensation matches the amount they lost”.
  • Once we analyzed and checked on BSCscan all the applications for v2 compensation (around mid or end of September), then we will email everyone the amount of compensation they can expect. Apart from using all the funds from the Reserve Pool, we will do our best to come up with additional creative ways to compensate supportive players (for example with whitelists for v3).
  • 96.6% Want a Crypto Legions v3 version, as fast as possible. So we will do this and launch it in September! A new token, and a new improved v3 game!
  • All requests that 25% of the players voted to see improved in v3, will be improved in the next game.
  • We will use the remaining funds from the Dev & Marketing wallets and our own funds to make the improvements for v3.
  • We will implement revolutionary new features in v3, including all meaningful features that have been requested by many players over the last months and in the survey.
    These features will include:
    - a new powerful smart system to extend the longevity of the game,
    - an in-game automated referral system to share the game with friends and earn commissions,
    - the option to execute legions,
    - and a few more that we will reveal later.
  • If you have more suggestions for new features, please write them today in the “Suggest” channel on our Discord so we can review them now.
  • The expected v3 launch timeframe is mid or end of September 2022. We need some time to program the new features and have all contracts audited by CertiK.
  • Because so many players love the game, we will never make you wait long for another P2E game again. Our new tagline is: “Play Forever, Earn Forever”. Stay tuned to discover how we are going to do this exactly.
  • Crypto Legions lasted for 67 days (which is longer than 99,8% of the P2E games out there), and we nearly broke the record of the longest-lasting P2E game of its kind. We plan to break the record with v3.
  • Sneak peek: the Crypto Games Agency started working on a very cool NFT collection on the Ethereum network. We plan to launch this collectionin on Opensea in a few months, and after the crypto market recovers.
  • Special unexpected news: Because there are so many players who love the game and our very positive about our dedication, we will release in September a second new game, with a similar economic system as Crypto Legions v3, but with different economic dynamics.
    Yes, you read this correctly: in September we will release not only one, but TWO P2E games!
    So you can choose to play Crypto Legions v3, another new similar game, or both.
    The name of the other new game will be revealed in September.
    Because a majority of players preferred a higher tax/lower ROI, there will be a difference in the economic setup of the two games: one of them will have a similar ROI to Crypto Legions v2, while the other one will be more conservative with a lower risk (and lower ROI).
    Keep watching the announcements to learn more in the coming weeks!
  • The reasons for two games around the same time are:
    - REASON 1: Because the community requested in the survey two different economies/ROI and we want to give players what they asked for
    - REASON 2: Because there are too many players who want to play while the start is best contained to grow organically
    - REASON 3: Because the two games will be different in economy/risk/ROI so players can choose the one they like (or diversify by playing both)
  • The Crypto Games Agency started to consider working on even more P2E games for other influencers after v3 will be launched. Every game the Crypto Games Agency ever makes in the future will be listed on
    Please beware of scammers and lookalikes, copy-pasting our whitepaper and/or names, impersonating us as if we made their game. Only games that are listed on our agency website are made by us.
  • In the survey and chat, many players/traders appreciate the transparency, dedication and professional communication of the team. Everything is on BSCscan, but not everyone can read it, so we will increase the transparency in the next games even more by providing simple-to-read reports about the expenses for team salaries, development & marketing.
  • Several people in our community requested to compensate supportive traders. We cannot compensate all 11,000 traders, and we cannot compensate traders financially, but we came up with a gift for 200 randomly selected wallets from the supportive traders. Below is a form for traders to apply for this.
  • The v2 compensation is expected to be paid around mid or end of September, once our team has reviewed many hundreds of BSCscan histories. For sure the v2 compensation will be paid before v3 launches.
  • Here you can see the PDF with the results of the survey:


  • Please complete ONLY ONE FORM from the choices below. Players (who have one or more legions) must only complete the players form, traders (who have no legions) must only complete the traders form.
  • Those who miss completing the form before the deadline of Saturday 20 August 11:59pm UTC, forfeit their potential compensation.
    If you are a player and lost money in v2, please complete this application for compensation before Saturday 20 August 11:59pm UTC:
    If you are a trader and lost money in v2, please complete this application before Saturday 20 August 11:59pm UTC for a potential gift:



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