Crypto Legions Vested Tokens Full Breakdown

Hello Hunters, as promised today we will be providing a full breakdown of what we’re planning to do with our vested tokens.

Currently there is a total of 830,000 vested tokens in the development and marketing wallet. As we did not use any of these tokens since we launched the amount of claimable tokens has greatly increased, now 249,000 tokens are available to be claimed.

Here’s the BSCscan link of us claiming 249,000 tokens:

Our project is very strong right now and we do not need this many tokens for development and marketing. Because of this we have taken the decision to reward our players who have been supporting us and add 149,000 tokens to the rewards pool, after doing this our rewards pool will hold over 3,430,000 million tokens (68.6% of total supply). Even before adding these tokens we have the healthiest rewards pool I’ve ever seen at this stage of a play to earn project. Our revolutionary Omni-balanced oracle system is working, even in the toughest crypto market conditions.

Here’s the BSCscan link of us sending 148,000 tokens to the rewards pool:

Here’s the BSCscan link of us sending 1000 tokens to the rewards pool as a test:

After adding these tokens we are still left with 100,000 unlocked tokens. These will be re-locked on a new vesting schedule and released over the next 6 months at a rate of 4000 tokens per week starting from the beginning of next week, these tokens will be used for further development and marketing of our project.

Full details of this new vesting schedule can be found here:

There is also another vesting lock for the community airdrop tokens that is still completely untouched, it has 50,000 tokens in total and 15,000 of these tokens are currently claimable. These 15,000 tokens will be claimed and used for referral payments, community giveaways and influencer marketing.

Here’s the BSCscan link of us claiming 15,000 community airdrop tokens:

It’s great to see the growth of our user base and community increasing at a rapid pace and we want to thank all our hunters for the amazing support we’ve received 💪💙

Good luck and happy hunting,

The Crypto Legions Team


Play-To-Earn NFT Games with a Revolutionary Sustainability System.

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