How We Improved Compensations For Our Future Games

We have examined in detail on BSCscan over 1200 applications for compensations from players in loss. We learned a lot from this, and came up with ways to do it even better in our next games.

Where did your v2 money go?

As you can see from the $77,456 amount in the Reserve Pool of Crypto Legions v2 there is simply not enough to go around for everyone to receive their total investment back as compensation. This may lead many of you to wonder where your money went. As you know, Crypto Legions v2 was the longest-lasting Play-to-Earn game of its kind in 2022. Because of this many players were able to make huge amounts of profit on their investments, also as the token price increased significantly from a bottom price of $0.18 to a top price of $16 (90x), so there were a significant amount of traders who made huge amounts of profits as well. As the profits of these players and traders have been taken out of the economy, there is not enough money left over to refund everyone’s losses entirely.

We compensated on Monday 19 September all players in loss according to what has been voted by the community, and we listened to the input of the community also by providing whitelists to all players in loss. A few of our players suggested doing something similar to another successful presale they participated in, which gave whitelists with a relatively small maximum contribution to many thousands of people. That is what we did also, based on their suggestion: giving whitelist spots with an allocation matching the size of the loss of the player. In other words: players with large losses have a whitelist(s) with a higher maximum contribution in total.

Based on all of the above, we compensated players in loss as best as we can with the available resources.

Whitelists and compensations for all v2 players in loss

1014 Players, who lost in total about $1M, received in their wallets today approximately an 8% compensation of what they lost. The compensation was paid in BUSD from the Reserve Pool. This percentage is an average of all compensated players, so the percentage might be different for certain individuals, because the calculations took a lot of individual variables into account.

The compensation in general is:
77,456 BUSD in the Reserve Pool / 1014 compensated players = approximately a 8% compensation average per player
+ GUARANTEED whitelists for both games

We did our best for everyone with the available funds in the Reserve Pool. We also did our best to make a fair calculation based on the available data. The compensation calculation for each player is a personal mix of all the value stuck in the game, compared to the money recovered by the player selling the BLST token, and taking into account the supportiveness of the player too. The losses from trading portions, in cases where players were speculating the value of the token, are not taken into account in the calculation. Considering the overwhelming amount of data to process, and considering some players panic sold their legions towards the end of v2, and considering some players used multiple wallets, and/or sent us incomplete/inaccurate pictures/data or not working links, probably some mistakes in some non-obvious calculations have been made. Due to the fact a 1000 players have been compensated, we do not have the resources to negotiate the compensation with each player individually. We did our best in making the calculations as best and as fair as possible. Every single player who applied received an email by now with the exact amount of their compensation.

Additionally, every player in loss received whitelists matching the relative size of their loss.

For example, a player with a $625 loss, based on the attack power/unclaimed stuck in the game and taking into account the amount they were able to recover, received approximately a $50 BUSD compensation paid to their wallet, and a guaranteed whitelist with a $50 maximum contribution.

If a compensated player uses the compensation amount in combination with their whitelists for the two new games, and cashes out at the right moment, they have a chance at making their loss back or even earning double more back.

Crypto Legions v2 did a 40x for whitelisted holders in about a month's time.

If the tokens do a 10x, which we think is very doable, a player could already recover at least half of his loss.

If the new tokens do a 40x, just as the v2 token did, then a player could earn double the amount they lost in v2.

We hope the new tokens will do even more than a 40x, but obviously, nobody knows what will happen.

A gift for traders

All traders who applied for a gift, confirmed their wallet, and wrote that they intend to play the games, will get a voucher to create a 5,000 AP legion in Crypto Legions v3. If we see them play Crypto Legions v3, they will receive another voucher to create a 5,000 AP legion to play the Big Crypto Game. All traders will receive the voucher the day after the launch of each game.

What will we do better in the future?

We also learned a lot from the events with v2, and we have implemented mechanics that will prevent sudden ‘end of game’ surprises, and give more transparency about the economy to everyone. Going through over a thousand applications manually was gigantic work, and we’re not going to do that again, because now we put an automated compensation system in place for our two new games launching in the coming two weeks: Crypto Legions v3 and the Big Crypto Game.

Improvements that have been implemented in our new games include:

  • A ‘Play Forever Earn Forever’ system allows players to migrate seamlessly from game to game, and from token to token.
  • A Transparent Economy Status on the dashboard, informing players about the status and allowing them to asses their risk better.
  • A voting system allows supportive players to vote and decide for themselves when it’s time for a new token and a new cycle of the game.
  • A ‘Reincarnation’ system allows players from the current version to be compensated automatically and get a voucher for free NFTs in the next game (matching the value they built up).

To summarize, our new games will not have any applications for compensation anymore, no more sending emails to confirm wallets, etc.

Instead, our new games have a fully automated compensation system, and keep players transparently informed, and give them the power to vote when they want to transition to a new ‘Play Forever Earn Forever’ game.

Whitelist applications for both games are open

You can apply for a whitelist for both new games here:

The whitelists are being assigned in the following order:

  1. Shareholders / Owners of Legendary NFTs of the Crypto Games Agency (30K+ value)
  2. Players in loss from v2 who received compensation
  3. The selected influencers who apply on our form before 21 September 11:59pm UTC, who invested in and promoted v2 successfully
  4. The selected players with profits in v2 and traders in v2, who applied with our form

There will be 4 Tiers of Whitelists available for both games:

  • Tier 1: 750 BUSD guaranteed allocation
    (for Legendary NFT owners and v2 players with the largest losses, and very supportive influencers/traders in v2)
  • Tier 2: 50 BUSD guaranteed allocation
    (for v2 players in loss, selected influencers/traders/players in v2)
  • Tier 3 & Tier 4: 750 BUSD / 50 BUSD non-guaranteed allocation for selected influencers/traders/players in v2

Useful links and dates:

  • Monday 19 September: Whitelist applications open for both new games
  • Wednesday 21 September at 11:59pm UTC:
    Whitelist applications for both games close
  • Saturday 24 September at 3pm UTC:
    All whitelisted wallets for Crypto Legions v3 are listed publicly
    (Everyone can check from that moment if they are listed or not. You will have 24 hours to send us any corrections/omissions if there are any.)
  • Tuesday 27 September at 3pm UTC: Presale / Launch Crypto Legions v3
  • Saturday 1 October at 3pm UTC:
    All whitelisted wallets for the Big Crypto Game are listed publicly
    (Everyone can check from that moment if they are listed or not. You will have 24 hours to send us any corrections/omissions if there are any.)
  • Tuesday 4 October at 3pm UTC: Presale / Launch Big Crypto Game



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