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Crypto Games Agency, Play-To-Earn gaming specialists and creators of Crypto Legions, is on track to break its own record for the longest-lasting Play-To-Earn game on BSC Network. The much-anticipated Crypto Legions Version 3 launched on September 28, 2022, on BSC and has made waves in the NFT and P2E space since. After its first week, it continues to find itself top-trending on major coin-tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap, DappRadar, Dextools, and

The $BLV3 token, Bloodstone, launched on PancakeSwap one day before the game’s launch — seeing a 700% price increase on the first day. Since then, $BLV3 has held its value at over 500% from the public ICO. Now, players are in the thick of gaming and earning, with some reporting as much as making $1000 per day. Thanks to Crypto Games Agency’s transparency, dedication, and evolving business model, it’s no secret how and why their game is seeing success again.

About Crypto Games Agency

Starting from a single game and now revitalizing it in its third and most robust version of Crypto Legions, Crypto Games Agency is a team of Play-to-Earn experts dedicated to delivering the best P2E products and returns. After creating multiple successful titles, they continue to release high-performing games. As an extended service, they offer their skills to anyone, allowing them to create their own game. Customers choose their desired theme, and Crypto Games Agency produces an entirely coded project with social media accounts, storylines, graphics, tokens, marketing, and assistance with the game launch. With their experience, Crypto Games Agency offers a completed project in just one month.

How to play and earn with Crypto Legions V3

To play Crypto Legions, start by visiting their game page and logging in using the browser-based crypto wallet, Metamask. After acquiring $BLV3 and $BNB tokens, players should summon warriors and beasts to create mighty legions to hunt. Each hunt requires supplies that are bought after a legion is formed. The more powerful a legion is, the more powerful monsters they can fight and the more they can earn.

Regardless of your playstyle, all players will benefit from the revamped home page full of helpful information and data. For example, players can now know the reward, reserve, and liquidity pool status. Newly added in V3, an Economic Status page shows the number of warriors and beasts summoned and the number of legions created in the previous 24 hours. You can also see how much BUSD is claimed in rewards, reinvested, and taxed hourly.

Benefits of investing and playing in Crypto Legions

New investors joining Play-to-Earn gaming can do so confidently through Crypto Legions. Where almost all other projects have lacked transparency and team-to-community communication, Crypto Games Agency is second to none in delivering information quickly and honestly. It has been proven across the many months of their existence, and they have not only continued their transparency but improved it by adding more than ever to the updated home page.

As a member of Crypto Legions’ community, there is no shortage of opportunity and fun. This past week, hunters partook in a special monster hunt with a higher than normal win rate and, upon success, were granted $100 in Bloodstone rewards. Apart from the game, their Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and overall community are growing. As a result, there are many contests, competitions, and giveaways, meaning players earn inside and outside the game.

Join the Crypto Legions Community and Earn Today

The journey has only just begun! Players are creating Legions, hunting, and earning now. To buy $BLV3, connect your Metamask wallet to BNB Network and visit PancakeSwap. To keep up with the latest news and events, follow Crypto Legions on social media and join their community platforms!

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