What Players Do During Crypto Winter

Hello Hunters,

Firstly we’d like to thank everyone for believing in us and believing in the game. It’s been almost 3 weeks since our launch and even though we went through a huge crypto market crash last week, the likes of which haven’t been seen for many years, the game is still alive and kicking and hasn’t suffered as much as many other crypto projects. Our marketing initiatives have also greatly contributed to keeping the game stand strong.

Our oracle Nadodo is aware that the “0% tax claim days” would be coming up next week for many players and that is why she proactively took measures to protect the economy and ensure that the game has a long term goal. We ourselves, like many of you, were initially worried that there would be a lot of claiming concentrated at the same time next week, so we crunched the numbers on BSCscan with our team…

So… No ‘Big Claim Days’ Next Week?!


We’ve seen that the big majority of players have already been claiming their rewards with high taxes and selling them over the last weeks. More than half of the players have been claiming their rewards with over 20% tax, and many even with 40% tax! This means that next week it’s likely that there won’t be any ‘big claim day’ for many players simultaneously, because many players will not have tax free rewards at the same time.

It’s good that so many players have been claiming with high taxes, because:

  • The Reward Pool has been growing every single day this week
  • The Liquidity Pool has increased every single day this week (going from around 160K to nearly 180K, which you can see on our Poocoin chart)
  • The summoning amounts have been increasing every day this week, which you can see based on the NFT numbers in the game (actually the total summing amount has doubled every single day!!)

You can check all of the above yourself on BSCscan or inside the game.

Thank You, Players!

We are aware that Nadodo has consciously raised the sales tax and legion damage strongly in order to protect economy, but has also given an amazing summoning incentive to new and old players who wish to create new legions or strengthen existing ones. Nadodo will continue to gradually adjust these variables over the coming days.

Nadodo’s decisions are dependent on what players do and she will always do what’s necessary to protect the economy. So if you feel the increased sales tax is a curse, then it’s up to you and your fellow players to act in a way that will allow Nadodo to adjust the variables in a more favorable way for you.

Let’s Keep Growing!

Just message @cryptolegionsnewplayer on Telegram and our moderators will help your friends with the onboarding process, while you earn commissions. Your friends get also a free level 2 warrior if they summon at least 10 warriors.



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